Alessandra Gilioli Galactic Crystal Healing

Alessandra Gilioli is a galactic shaman, channel, and teacher. She grew up in Italy studying at a British International school. A women’s leadership scholarship brought her to Loyola University USA where she received her degree in Psychology. Alessandra took some neuropsychology classes, worked with neurofeedback and children with autism and people with Alzheimer’s.

Her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts has allowed her to explore the transformative power of symbols on the psyche. As a galactic anthropologist she finds the clues to civilizations’ consciousness embedded within the culture’s art. The art she creates is informed by her study of world mythology, folklore and her direct experience as a clairvoyant empath.

Alessandra speaks English, Italian and Spanish and would like to learn Portuguese. She is currently exploring the effect of sound and altered states of consciousness in her Holographic Consciousness workshops which have been well received in S. America.

Her favorite foods are kale, brussel sprouts and chocolate. If you would like to have a workshop in your country or if you have chocolate please contact: AlessandraGilioli@gmail.com.

My Story

I grew up in Italy where I was a wild kid running around barefoot in fields with loose cows and many tall knotted trees to climb. My obsession with fairies was rampant and I was indignant that I could never see one with my bare-naked eyes.  This did not stop me from making them fairy houses out of shoe boxes with carefully drawn appliances and paper-constructed furniture. I would observe them every morning with a keen inspection seeking evidence of fairy presence. Little did I know that all the fairy drawings, paintings and sculptures were actual communications from the fairies themselves!

But then something weird happened.

In my first-ever energy healing I suddenly felt I was leaving my body just as the walls began to melt allowing the infinite sky to expand beyond. And 12 golden beings flew in, tall, gorgeous and incredibly serious. Not wanting to interrupt them in what was obviously a ritual I just observed as these golden luminescent forms worked on me with much love and with incredible dedication. Each of the 12 had one hand on my astral body and I felt indeed touched by angels. But these beings did not have wings, and although their presence felt angelic they felt more other, in fact mysterious and very exciting.

For a week I felt their presence around me and I felt special and deeply blessed. At the same time that David Millers book “Connecting with the Arcturians” fell in my lap and it has pretty much stayed in my heart forever. It was an opening to understanding that we are so much more than mere humans, that our history, our souls journey is much more than a mere 2,000 years explained in school. We are vast beings, with incredible powers and it is about time we encourage one another to reclaim these. Which is what I aim to do with my work.

I never knew I had super powers.

I always thought I was just very good at psychology. Understanding people from all walks of life and knowing in an instant what someone was thinking or feeling and why. There were clues usually and that is how I explained it, until I realized 8 years ago that I was a healer, an empath and psychic!  I believe that everyone is psychic or attuned to the fifth dimension and in dreamtime we all are. But these skills have been lost or forgotten and for many of us it requires training to rekindle our superpowers!

As with many humans I have experienced trauma at an early age: sexual abuse, beatings, and psychological abuse. It sounds cliché to say that this allows me to feel a deep range of emotions and to empathize giving me the passion to assist others in blossoming within their highest potential in any way I can. This motivation to facilitate others in breaking free from any kind of oppression and into their highest lights is what keeps me going.

My hands started moving on their own, after that activation by the golden beings whom I know as my Galactic Council. My hands have been moving ever since, I can feel and see light- threads of liquid-white-light emerge as I do energy healings on people. And really it’s my galactic guides and masters whom I allow to work through me. In my healing work I get to ‘see’ peoples past lives, or even glimpses of them in lives on other planets. Their guides come and establish greater links with them, often I see people as Atlantian priestesses with gorgeous diadems of pure crystal on their third eyes. I have come to understand this as linking people to their greater Self, all aspects of their multidimensional self. Which assists one on the path of soul-retrieval and consciousness expansion and the goal of knowing and loving one’s Self more.

It would be an honor to walk along side you on your ever unfolding path of self discovery. It brings me joy to assist others in unlocking themselves into their greater powers! Aho!

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