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Nourish Your Nerves 2018!

Dear Ones, are you tired, crabby and unknowingly off? Is there something that is agitating you, discomforting you and you simply have no idea why or what it is? Feeling blocked, or stuck or simply unusually out of it? In these dynamically shifting times your bodies are being taxed in ever new and increasingly challenging […]

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Aldebaran Plasma Activation

As a crystal being from Aldebaran I come to you as a spiritual tune up, a mental vacation, a physical massage and an emotional recalibration. I am here to assist you in your personal and planetary evolution. I see you, a earth human being as being one with the planet you are on. This is […]

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White Buffalo Calf Woman: Channeled Meditation! on FreeConferenceCall!

This month I will be channeling: White Buffalo Calf Woman for upgrading our central nervous system with Mother Earth and 5D Ascencion grids. Wednesday, March 9th at 5pm Argentina time Here is how you call in: from USA: (641) 715-3810 from Australia: +61 (0) 3 9028 0260 Participant Code (same for all countries): 522902 For all other countries find […]

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Tree People from South America

ACTIVATE DIAMOND CROWN There are diamonds in your crown chakra now. They are each linked with different sacred locations on the Earth. We see Lago Puelo in Argentina, La Paz in Bolivia, we see the sea coves in Brazil, we are seeing the Macchu Picchu of Peru, we are seeing the Nascal lines, the pyramids […]

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