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Mother Earth is our Galaxy’s Blue Jewel!

Beautiful video of how we can become Planetary Healers! Thank you star brother Oliver Hauck for creating such a landmark film! See the whole film here. Become a Planetary Healer!! Go to the Arctruian for more information. I facilitate monthly galactic journeys with the Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters and Mother Earth to bring in Ascension […]

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Arcturian Liquid Light Crystal Galaxy Healers

The Arcturians are 5th -7th Dimensional beings and have are known throughout this Universe as master planetary healers. They have a reputation for not only defending this galaxy from lower density attaching forces but also in healing 3D dimensional beings into multidimensional wholeness and health. They are master weavers of the soul and sought after […]

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Antarian Wise Portal Code Creators of the Universe

The Antarians are 5-7th Dimensional star beings with several Earth-like planets in their star system, some of which are also in the process of Ascension. Their star of origin Antares which is 87,200 times larger than the Earth and closer to the Great Grand Central Sun. Antarians a LARGE beings. They are master Warriors of […]

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Andromedan Fairy

Andromedans are also fairies! Not all of them of course, they have many thriving civilizations, a galaxy-full in fact. In their system they have, what we would call, entire planets with fairy-elemental civilizations. Fairies are portal openers and work closely with Crystal Beings. The Andromedans are remarkable beings. They come from an entirely different galaxy. […]

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