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Tree People from South America

ACTIVATE DIAMOND CROWN There are diamonds in your crown chakra now. They are each linked with different sacred locations on the Earth. We see Lago Puelo in Argentina, La Paz in Bolivia, we see the sea coves in Brazil, we are seeing the Macchu Picchu of Peru, we are seeing the Nascal lines, the pyramids […]

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I AM LADY VENUS: I have a message for you on your spiritual journey Planet Venus is related to Earth like a big sister just like the Andromeda galaxy is a big sister to the Milky Way galaxy. Planet Venus is closely connected to Inner Earth, all Earth life, plants, minerals DNA. She has gone through […]

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Galactic Crystal Healing Alessandra Gilioli Andromedan

Be a Fairy!

Your experience of reality on Earth is to live the life of a fairy!! Bringing this greater spark and life within you! You already have it- rekindle it and bring more. What does a fairy do, dear child? It plays, it loves, it forgives it expands, it creates, it honors all plants and beings and […]

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Andromedan Fairy

Andromedans are also fairies! Not all of them of course, they have many thriving civilizations, a galaxy-full in fact. In their system they have, what we would call, entire planets with fairy-elemental civilizations. Fairies are portal openers and work closely with Crystal Beings. The Andromedans are remarkable beings. They come from an entirely different galaxy. […]

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