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You Time-Jump!

YOU TIME-JUMP Dear Glorious beings! In your dream-time you leave this reality-video-game and you return to your larger I AM presence. You travel, you have meetings, you discuss planetary events. You go to different planets and higher pristine dimensional realms. Then, at early morning, your astral body returns to your physical-vessel and awakens, ready to […]

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Colors of the Chakras Change

They change by the observer. Nothing is a constant. Because we like to experience things, things become into existence for our sheer pleasure of interacting. There is to be no attachment to the color of the chakra, for the color is simply an information relay symbol system. Therefore experiment with seeing the chakras as WHITE. […]

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Andromedan Fairy

Andromedans are also fairies! Not all of them of course, they have many thriving civilizations, a galaxy-full in fact. In their system they have, what we would call, entire planets with fairy-elemental civilizations. Fairies are portal openers and work closely with Crystal Beings. The Andromedans are remarkable beings. They come from an entirely different galaxy. […]

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