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Aldebaran Plasma Activation

As a crystal being from Aldebaran I come to you as a spiritual tune up, a mental vacation, a physical massage and an emotional recalibration. I am here to assist you in your personal and planetary evolution. I see you, a earth human being as being one with the planet you are on. This is […]

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Dear Masters of the Light, the Game has changed. You need a new Game Plan. We are here to help Torrents of Light are coming in affecting the polarity expressions on the Earthly plane in ways that are completely unprecedented. The time of the fall of Atlantis was one such time when the worlds collided […]

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Train your Brain: 7 Tools for Visions & Clarity

Train your brain! You want to have vision quests without the hallucinogens or traveling to the Amazon for an ayuhuasca trip? You can have vision journeys. Our brain is trainable. Neuroscientists have termed ‘brain plasticity’ to say that the brain is malleable: it changes! For example, brain scans of London taxi drivers had a visual […]

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33% off Soul DNA Readings!!

SPECIAL OFFER!! (SALE ENDED 8.8.15) $75   Now for only $50!! Get clarity on life issues Understand your soul talents Get insight into your blocks for abundance, love and work Jump start a new, successful you! What is a Soul DNA Reading? What people say about these amazing readings: “WOW I’m so happy with your amazing […]

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You Time-Jump!

YOU TIME-JUMP Dear Glorious beings! In your dream-time you leave this reality-video-game and you return to your larger I AM presence. You travel, you have meetings, you discuss planetary events. You go to different planets and higher pristine dimensional realms. Then, at early morning, your astral body returns to your physical-vessel and awakens, ready to […]

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Galactic Crystal Healing Alessandra Gilioli Code Breaker


The conduit of freedom through the bypassing of conscious thought. Symbols and images hold the power to control thought patterns, subconscious behavior and thought streams. What encodements clutter your psyche? Consciously create beauty in your life with the use of sacred imagery, code, color, sound, vibration and symbolism. Sprinkle your home, office, car and life […]

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Invoking the Love Particle

Uralali is here to soften ​yo​ur heart space​.​ And to​ give yo​u the strength of love and​ light & delight that you have been asking for in these auspicious moments on​ the planet earth where​ so much is going​ on​,​ so fast that yo​ur little minds cannot fully comprehend this. ​I​f ​yo​u stay in yo​ur mental body yo​u […]

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Galactic Crystal Healing Alessandra Gilioli Central Sun

Global Intergalactic Humanoid Central Sun Emissaries.

I am the intergalactic species known as the Global Intergalactic Humanoid Central Sun Emissaries. We have a special mission to unify all fronts. I am of the higher realms related to your Great Grand central sun, I wear the emblem around my neck like an echo of ancient egyptian mythology only mine is purer straight […]

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Vulnerability An Unlikely Tool

Vulnerability is an unlikely tool in your mission to gaining your true power. Vulnerability is standing naked in the world and taking the moment to truly see yourself. The more you can stand in this raw state of exposure the more accelerated your learning of whom you truly are. A pure heart is a heart […]

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