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Dear Masters of the Light, the Game has changed. You need a new Game Plan. We are here to help Torrents of Light are coming in affecting the polarity expressions on the Earthly plane in ways that are completely unprecedented. The time of the fall of Atlantis was one such time when the worlds collided […]

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I AM LADY VENUS: I have a message for you on your spiritual journey Planet Venus is related to Earth like a big sister just like the Andromeda galaxy is a big sister to the Milky Way galaxy. Planet Venus is closely connected to Inner Earth, all Earth life, plants, minerals DNA. She has gone through […]

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Arcturians Planetary Healers by David K. Miller

Helio Ah & the Arcturians Speak: Excerpt from David K. Miller’s “Teachings from the Sacred Triangle” Your planet is at a dire crossroads from a physical standpoint, but from a spiritual standpoint, it is experiencing a great awakening. Never before have there been so many conscious lightworkers, awakened spiritual beings, and masters as there are […]

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Unity Consciousness Sananda Great Grand Central Sun

Divine Children of the Light this is Sananda speaking to you on this glorious day of ever more shifting and changing the thought patterns that are creating your reality! Which is changing as we speak. Your reality is much larger of an illusion that what your human minds can really fully grasp. We know that […]

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Galactic Crystal Healing Alessandra Gilioli Andromedan

Be a Fairy!

Your experience of reality on Earth is to live the life of a fairy!! Bringing this greater spark and life within you! You already have it- rekindle it and bring more. What does a fairy do, dear child? It plays, it loves, it forgives it expands, it creates, it honors all plants and beings and […]

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Planetary Healers Mother Earth Gaia is Calling YOU!!

Thank you to my home soul-star family the “Arcturian Group of Forty” and my star brother Cosmin for making this video! I am a volunteer and trained Planetary Healer with the Arcturian Group of Forty, here is what we do!! We are a spiritual meditation group seeking to create personal and planetary healing for the Earth and its inhabitants. […]

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