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Dear Masters of the Light, the Game has changed. You need a new Game Plan. We are here to help Torrents of Light are coming in affecting the polarity expressions on the Earthly plane in ways that are completely unprecedented. The time of the fall of Atlantis was one such time when the worlds collided […]

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Galactic Crystal Healing Alessandra Gilioli Andromedan


Your soul is craving this expressive burst and we shall walk the path with you! Greetings dear seeded one, for indeed you are the galactic race which holds many seeds from this and other worlds. We are the White Lighted Beings of on High known to you as the White Tiger-Lions we are one and […]

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Mother Earth is our Galaxy’s Blue Jewel!

Beautiful video of how we can become Planetary Healers! Thank you star brother Oliver Hauck for creating such a landmark film! See the whole film here. Become a Planetary Healer!! Go to the Arctruian for more information. I facilitate monthly galactic journeys with the Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters and Mother Earth to bring in Ascension […]

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