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*Ani-Amara* Lyran Galactic Symbol for SOUL FAMILY CONNECTION

   ‘Ani-Amara’ means Self Love, My Soul and My Love. It is a symbol for unity and unconditional love, care and support. The lower circle reflects unity with the Creator. It is a Lyran symbol for Unity Consciousness. The curve is the flow the web of life that interweaves with the All. This symbol is […]

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DIMENSIONAL PORTAL Vesica Pisces Sacred Symbols

VESICA PISCES~ SACRED GEOMETRY ~SYMBOL The convergence of duality into creation. Portal of bringing light into matter. Manifestion. Unity of polarity. Balance. Union. Place this image holographicaly on your heart chest and expand. Open the portal of your heart and delve into the Higher Realms. Place the symbol on your third eye and receive activation […]

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SALE!! Nov. 1st 2014 7pm UTC

SPECIAL SALE EVENT!!November 1st at 7pm UTC time only on:COSMIC CREATIONS ONLINE MARKET PLACE- on facebook following items will be on sale.Limited time only! 5 of each item will be on sale!! Go to the Cosmic Creation Online Market page an comment “SALE” on the item you wish to receive at the sale price! _________________________________________________ SOUL […]

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Arcturian Liquid Light Crystal Galaxy Healers

The Arcturians are 5th -7th Dimensional beings and have are known throughout this Universe as master planetary healers. They have a reputation for not only defending this galaxy from lower density attaching forces but also in healing 3D dimensional beings into multidimensional wholeness and health. They are master weavers of the soul and sought after […]

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