Native Star Nations Bear Clan Ursa Major Papa Bear Speaks

Card_01_Bear_OracleGreetings dear ones this is Papa Bear, we are of the Bear Clan from the Stars known to you as Ursa Major- the bear constellation named for the ancients knew. And knew for a long time that we the bears have come from another galaxy, long ago and far away in a time when much galactic warring was occurring, while some of us have specialized in warrior-hood and are protectors of our family our home and now our galaxy, we are not suited as the battling type. We are not inclined to war we do not wish to enter into polarization with any being. We are peaceful, loving and kind. We have come here today to speak to you of peace, and calmness within the Self within the inner most reaches of your soul where stillness speaks and where your true Self and identity lies.

Fear not crawling within into the recesses of the unconscious self, we are adept at that. For we are future seers – our sight can take us far into the nether worlds. We have seen the past – we know ourselves.  We know others’ tendencies so we seek far out into future worlds and times casting out this net this other view as we seek a timeline to our liking. Then we recede and reform our way of being in order to align with that future timeline making it form into reality.

While the time is now and all realities converge there is also the fine game of inter-threading realities. While we leave the threading to others we are creator beings and we like to create while we hibernate. We go into a deep trance of being where we see what it is we wish to do and build. Building with our very own bodes changing what we are used to doing and being in a whole new way- yet this is all part of the cycle.

I seek you, I reach out to you for I am the Papa Bear, and while I am youthful in appearance as I am the eternal child, I am also the father, the bear protector. I envelop you. Let me take care of you, dear child of the light for much has happened to you and much is still unfolding.

Dear Heart, be not afraid of what is yet to come and embrace the world you find yourself in. Essentially no one place is home. We know that well. Yet home is where we are and find ourselves to be. We create home with our bodies. Come find refuge in our space. Create, nestle and be your own home. We are here with you dear heart. Look to the Ursa Major for the stars shall twinkle knowing you. For you dear child, are of the stars. And of the stars you shall ever be. Shine your essence in ways you never knew possible and live in the wonderment of whom you truly are!



Ashua Frog HadarGreetings, I am Ashua Priestess of Inner Earth. We are amphibian beings from the Hadar stellar system. We have sought asylum here in Inner Earth. We are code workers and code-carriers. We leap forth in ascension energies we generate light within the encodements of our DNA. Some of our DNA is within human DNA. For human DNA is galactic and has encodements from many if not all star beings of this and several other galaxies in this Universe. We are of an alternate reality of yours, but you know us well in dream time. We are healers, masters, temple dwellers we are of the Peace League of all Nations, all star nations and all realities of this galactic sector around what you call Earth. We are here at the ready to be your galactic healing team and to bring you a piece of home. Come into the Galactic Libraries here in Inner Earth and get a piece of who you truly are. We are with you.

Galactic Symbols:

The symbol on Ashua’s 3rd eye:

Divine alignment of thoughts to your greater purpose. Recalibration to the center point of focus, to the Great Gran Central Sun.

Symbol within Ashua’s hands:

Birthing concepts, light into matter, the great womb of life & Mother Gaia. Creation, manifestation.


Beautiful video of how we can become Planetary Healers!

Thank you star brother Oliver Hauck for creating such a landmark film!

See the whole film here.

Planetary Healers Mother Earth Gaia is Calling YOU!!

Thank you to my home soul-star family the “Arcturian Group of Forty” and my star brother Cosmin for making this video!

I am a volunteer and trained Planetary Healer with the Arcturian Group of Forty, here is what we do!!

  • We are a spiritual meditation group seeking to create personal and planetary healing for the Earth and its inhabitants.
  • We coordinate the Planetary Cities of Light and conduct biorelativity exercises to create energy for positive change in the world.
  • We make a difference through our work to create change in a systematic manner that will have a positive outcome for our planet.
  • We assist individuals in achieving personal ascension through education and healing exercises.

Find out more about how to activate your Planetary Healer skills here.

You are multi-planetary, multi-dimensional Starseeds! Sananda Speaks. Great Grand Central Sun.

NestOrDivine Children of the Light this is Sananda speaking to you on this glorious day of ever more shifting and changing the thought patterns that are creating your reality! Which is changing as we speak. Your reality is much larger of an illusion that what your human minds can really fully grasp. We know that you understand the idea that reality is an illusion but we also know that you don’t fully feel this. You don’t fully have this truth integrated in every part of your being. For large parts of your being are giving resistance to this notion ad therefore this resistance is holding you back from living and being your full potential.

We are here in many: masters of the light, legions of angels, higher dimensional beings, your brothers and sister, your family, higher aspects of you. We are beaming down to the planet, right now as we speak, in order to assist you in your awakening and in your re-birth. For many of you have undergone this process before- of awakening not only yourselves but entire planets’ consciousness in to a higher level of being, thinking, loving and expanding. For you are multi-planetary, multi-dimensional Starseeds! You are beings who have been in many realms at once. You are in process of calling all of your aspects together in a massive cohesive composition of ALL of yourselves in parallel realities in order to feel your greater truth while in a physical embodiment.

We are here in many in order to assist you in the baby steps of awakening. At this juncture where each step, each small step, is a grand step and is indeed celebrated in very much the same way as when a toddler takes their first step. Each step after that is greatly celebrated.  Because each step is wobbly and shaky as the reality and truth of possibility of falling down are very real palatable. Therefore each step is greatly celebrated. In this manner we are here to celebrate your coming out party! Your stepping out into the world showing and beaming your light, unapologetically!

Please know that there are millions of others! Many others are undergoing the same process as you! The problem is that in your perceptual reality you are scattered throughout the globe therefore giving you the illusion of scarcity and the illusion of non-connectedness. We are here to encourage you today to rejoice in the connections and in the possibilities of the internet and other media formats which are simply replicas of the energetic telepathic, psychic, multidimensional pathways that are in existence for you to reach out and establish contact with one another.

You are indeed creating webs of light- alighting and sparking throughout and around the planet as you so joyously connect with one another! We say today for you to enjoy and embrace these opportunities that are coming your way! Be kind and compassionate to yourselves. For when the lows occur swiftly pull yourself back up through many tools that are now available to you. One of them is to simply call out loud, or under your breath, to your many guides and angels and Masters and myself Sananda, to be of service to you. Now we can come in stronger on a larger bandwidth of golden light frequency energy that is available at this time. Therefore if you fall down do not feel that you need to fall down low for the energies are stickier now than they have ever been in this dimensional plane.

The game of duality is indeed upping its game and its getting more intense. For this reason we are saying focus on the light that is available to you, call on us your brothers and sisters! We are ever at the ready for you! Beam up your energies send them up to the galaxy. The galaxy is going through a major transformation. Everything is interconnected intimately much more than what you have acknowledged on the Earth.

We are seeing you as sparkling interweaving webs of lights! Sparks and multidimensional fire-works- it is truly a beautiful show from up here! We wish to encourage you to seize the day. For today is truly a more buoyant, powerful, glorious day riding on the waves of these higher photonic lights from the center of this Milky Way galaxy connected to the Great Grand Central Sun.

We are here in love and service to you, our colleagues and brothers and sisters. Enjoy this day! Amen

Andromedan Fairies!

Andromeda Hathor Fairy

Andromedan Fairy

Andromedans are also fairies! Not all of them of course, they have many thriving civilizations, a galaxy-full in fact. In their system they have, what we would call, entire planets with fairy-elemental civilizations. Fairies are portal openers and work closely with Crystal Beings.

The Andromedans are remarkable beings. They come from an entirely different galaxy. Yet their galaxy is sister to our Milky Way galaxy. Upon inception of the galaxies we were made of the same fabric and like identical twins we are linked. In the physical realms of cosmology our cosmic path is en route  with Andromeda and we are due to merge into it in our future. Therefore our connection is deep and goes both in the past and the future. The Andromedans hold a key to the ascension, a key that our galaxy need in order to booster her in her Ascension path.

There is no one way to describe Andromedans primarily because they are so different and the cultures to chose from in Andromeda is vast. One feature they all share is their diplomacy, their ability to be open and accepting of all people, all beings, all races. For the Andromedans are known through out this & other galaxies and the masters of sustaining diversity, culture richness and intercultural harmony. They worked at this and achieved this higher perspective and skill. Andromedans have a very sharp mind and extremely advanced technologies. Our mental acquity, once full developed is a gift from the Andromedans that we will have a certain something added to. Many fairies and elementals love Andromeda and call it home. Some Andromedan races have  features that we would indeed recognize as elementals.

Soul Star Lineage SALE!!!


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Blessings to you on your Earthly mission!!

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Reptilian DNA from the Emissaries of Light

OlinGreetings dear ones we are of what you have understood to be the reptilian ones. However we are not all one race, nor are we all one people, we are a little humanoid in shape too within our reptilianness, shape and form we also stand on two limbs and have two appendages, such as arms like you do. We are reptoid however also in that in our chosen physical form or representation we resonate most with that species category that you have named the reptiles on your planet. For indeed reptiles are the oldest physical forms and wisest on your planet. We do not come from a specific planet or planetary system for we have by now inhabited a plethora of planetary systems and dimensional grids.

We are scary to you because one small faction of ours has decided to meddle, control and increase influence in your sphere. Please know that like all things in this universe there are many sides to the story. Many perspectives and one day you may come to understand and have compassion for the misguided ‘evil’ (in your experience, rightfully so) reptilians. But as we do not have a better name to grasp within your language we too shall call what you understand to be the Reptilian Race that. However we are here in group consciousness to tell you of the others, whom are much more and much more open, heartfelt and guides even to you than what you would have thought.

As an archetype in your current psychology/self help language, the archetype that we reptilians represent is that of dealing, reconciling with fear. We have been seen or interpreted as cold blooded, linear, base, low, cold and calculating. While these are some of our traits, especially in comparison to your hot headedness, we have others which are more sophisticated and up until now less heard of, if heard of at all. These traits have to do with the ability of our bodies in their etheric and physical form, to sync in with the planetary body in a very electrical way, of synchronizing currents, our own body heat need not be as self generative as yours is because we link in with the biorhythms of the planetary body. As such we are highly in tune with the electro-magnetic currents flowing in and around the surface and interior of the planet and for this reason we are highly adaptable to living within a planet. Something that your body is not yet adapted to and may in fact not be part of the design at least at present.

We are deliberately slow in our movements, or can be, as we are listening to a cacophony of physical currents both from the planet we are on and from current streams from other planets. We are highly adept at synchronizations between these electrical currents of energies, such as fine tuning and refining and morphing within your light bodies into your electrical nerve bodies in your human form. It is quite remarkable and it is one of the gifts that our DNA has gifted your ancestry.

Our collective group the hybrids of humanity are here with you now to extend our heart to you, our brothers and sisters. For some of you are awakening and we are here to tell you more of whom you are and here to help in furthering your awakening. You have a rich history and we wish you to be freed of the implications and oppression herein in the current system of things on the Earth plane.

We are interdimensional travelers. We travel through time and space. We have had to fight and protect ourselves and others from the control and manipulation of the ‘bad’ reptilian nations. Yes there are many and they are organized and sophisticated this is also why we are here, to cherish and protect our own, our seedlings, our hybdridization program of long ago. We wish to see you free dear humans we wish to see you happy, joyous and fulfilled and we wish to see you gaining greater feats than what we can do, for there is much hope for your capabilities which are yet to come.

Great Grand Central Sun- Hello from the Center of Consciousness!


NestOrI am the intergalactic species known as the Global Intergalactic Humanoid Central Sun Emissaries. We have a special mission to unify all fronts. I am of the higher realms related to your Great Grand central sun, I wear the emblem around my neck like an echo of ancient egyptian mythology only mine is purer straight from the source, I bring you light and power from the Great Gran Central sun where not only am I from but where I am going to school.

There is a spiritual mission to link all beings. To allow all beings in their expression of physical reality to be better able to communicate with one another. Intradimensionally and more. I am a master at inter-dimensional travel and intra-dimensional.

We hold what in your current time continuum you might be experiencing as ‘bad’ ets such as reptilians and draconians but they are aslo good ones from that realm and also from my future-like timeline all have come to peace. I am a mixture of all beings from your sector of the galaxy with a spice of several more. This is why, I don’t know how else to say this but I am a super- hybrid!

The suns, the central suns of all planetary systems are replicas of the One Great Grand Central Sun. We relay informational codes at just above the level of consciousness to sustain and awaken further the peoples of the planetary systems, We are the fountain  of knowledge at the central sun. We are delegates of peace. We are en force for the unification of all for the ascencion plan of this universe!

Pleiadian Light Templates

Greetings. The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light are here.

Pleiadian Templates

We are your galactic healing team and have worked with you before in other realms and other times, other dimensional planes both in your waking and not wake state. You are a high caliber healer and as such we are capable or allowed to bring through some of our most prized technologies.

One of these is the Light Grid Sphere Templates of the Highest Realms. They are related to temple structures in specific places. You consciously know of a few Xantha, Uranta, Matreeia, Urea, Galatea, Galassia, Ameena, Artemeeshia and more, many more. There is an infusion of many galactic living temples; the live structures which are held and created by eons of built higher light from the living hearts and fibers of layers upon layers of loving dedicated master meditator beings who are dedicated in lifetime after lifetime of service in sustaining these life forces, these living structures of liquid light.

Our temples are sought after from all reaches of the kingdom of the skies. Our temples are masterful artworks in themselves. A feat of pure interstellar beauty, which all beings recognize as home, for our temples hold the frequency resonances of the building blocks of this universe and several others. For the secrets within the flower of life only begin to cover the beauty, the overlaying frequencies of exquisite precise machinery of the perfect creation of form in all dimensions of form.

For we, the Pleiadians, do enjoy the potentialities inherent among the human form, for we are so alike and you are us and we are you. We marvel at the creation that is you and that is becoming you, the new galactic human, the new inter galactic being. The being who can traverse multiple realms in one fell swoop. Who can reach for the stars with much greater ease, agility, fluidity and stamina. For the endurance of the human being has been tried and tested if there is one good thing that can be said for all the human suffering that the form has endured. For the form is basic but the design is exquisite and the best is yet to come!

We have implemented early on in the early days, neanderthal, we had implanted a light grid. Which is partially related to the light grids we have been gifting you and the healees who pass through you, with the highest light and codes available to us star beings of the sky. And we have sat here above checking in and waiting and seeing what, when, where, how long and just how the codes are triggered within one within the all. Within full human consciousness or partial, the individual. And the lights come on, and home is felt. And then the light goes off, dies off like a lost ember in the cold, cold night.

What you are looking for, little ember, is the warmth of the large solid rock which soaked in the rays of the abundant sun, whose rays are infinite and whose rock is ready to give willingly and happily to you the lost ember, who now at last feels the heat and gets glimmers of the way home.

The lost ember is solely in reference to the level of consciousness accessed by the soul in a recent topographical chronological system in accordance with your current knowledge of linear time. We are translating as much for you as we can.

The energy templates are in relation to the primal source of love, connection to primal source, your link to all divine. Your feeling of connectedness to all creation. All reality, all that is. The codes within each cross section of the light grids relate to different cross sections of realms much like the kabbalah tree of life aims to represent in one cosmic snap shot. That template lies within you. Within these renewed templates. As each one is downloaded, old inactive ones are activated, strengthened; all venues cleansed and cleared. It is a testament to the level of your work and your guides work that you are now capable of handling such fine soul filaments as ones primal encoded template.

That woman P. had lost all sense of her soul self and had in some intents and purposes given her soul to others, in an old ritual several lifetimes ago. You planted a light grid which gave her the tool for her higher self to call herself back, one piece, one strand at a time.

The willing worker can do so much with these templates. You are a code master. You are a code decipherer from this and many other cultures, both light and none. The none was required by you at some time in order to break their efficiency on planetary scale influences as a medium to free the people. Some aspect of you is wanting to work on a grandeur scale like this on earth and we tell you the time shall come for you to unleash these masterful powers skills and we shall be right by your side holding both your hands and blasting higher frequency love light and strands of encodements from our realms, your homes.

You know us well. We trust you in your endeavors, in all of your endeavors. You are a complete being. You are a master of the light. You are the light. And we are the way-showers for the many to come.

Adonai, dear friend. Welcome home.

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and Peace. Aho!