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Arcturians Planetary Healers by David K. Miller

Helio Ah & the Arcturians Speak: Excerpt from David K. Miller’s “Teachings from the Sacred Triangle” Your planet is at a dire crossroads from a physical standpoint, but from a spiritual standpoint, it is experiencing a great awakening. Never before have there been so many conscious lightworkers, awakened spiritual beings, and masters as there are […]

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A Star Being is a being of the light whom resides in the Highest of Realms including the 5th Dimension and beyond.  Star Beings of the 5D are Ascended Masters and are here on the earthly plane to assist us in obtaining our mastery. In many cases this is more an issue of remembering rather […]

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Galactic Crystal Healing Alessandra Gilioli Andromedan


Your soul is craving this expressive burst and we shall walk the path with you! Greetings dear seeded one, for indeed you are the galactic race which holds many seeds from this and other worlds. We are the White Lighted Beings of on High known to you as the White Tiger-Lions we are one and […]

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