Channeling Holographicaly

Channeling Holographicaly Alessandra Gilioli Planetary Ethos Oracle Cards ArcturiansWhen I channel or tune in to the higher realms I see visions, hear sounds and feel subtle changes within my body and emotional system. At times I channel by typing, by voice, by drawing, doing energy work or galactic light language. Channeling for me is holographic, it means that all communication systems are on and transferring information. All the senses are involved including extra-sensory senses. Most of the time when in channel mode I am aware of being in another realm. In my physical body I am here on Earth but my extended auric field sees and feels myself in one or more realms at once.

Often guides show me the messages they wish to tell you by immersing me in the Higher Realms. This means that I will feel electrical charge impulses in my nervous system as I am flooded by visions. I see, sense and feel the Higher Realms that I am propelled. The guides then challenge me to translate for you what I am experiencing holographicaly, multidimensionaly.

These realms are what I call hyper-reality; they are more real, more beautiful and luminescent than Earth reality. The colors in these realms are more vibrant, more alive which is why the colors in my art are so loud and different. When accessing the higher realms it is like waking up from a dream and finding that your true waking state is in a place that is more exciting than you imagined. This place, these other dimensions are full of love, warmth expansion and hold keys to our true nature. These keys are then found in mysterious places within our Earthen reality, within inspiring conversations, sacred geometry and sprinkled in Galactic Crystal Healing services!

[Energy healing group participants have had visions of me with luminous strands extending from my head and out into the higher realms. Similar to the image above of the Ethos Planetary Consciousness. Guides have revealed to us that as we develop our abilities as galactic humans we begin to re-activate our luminous threads that are connecting our human self to our parallel aspects.]


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