Mother Earth Ceremony

Monthly 2nd Thursday at 7pm CST

~A FREE planetary healing event

~similar to a medicine wheel ceremony

~lightworkers from around the world join to communicate with Mother Earth

~download 5th Dimensional energy into planet Earth

~using the principles of ‘Biorelativity’

~journey to Inner Earth, Arcturus and the Ascended Master’s Ring of Ascension

~using the 12 Etheric Crystals downloaded by the Group of Forty into sacred sites

~a balancing of the collective consciousness emissions of humanity

~support for the noosphere: the combined energies of Earth’s ecosystems with humanity’s collective consciousness

~this is a Group of Forty event

The Aim of  Tribal-Galactic MOTHER EARTH Ceremonies

Fantastic things happen when healers gather together in joined purpose! Our focus is to assist Mother Earth and all beings to reach balance and access their highest potential. Planet Earth is dealing with constant issues such as oil spills, nuclear leaks, rises in earthquakes, floods etc. Humans can assist in restoring balance in the biosphere- Earth and all creature’s ecosystem. We have the ability to emanate incredible floods of multi-dimensional frequencies. Our entire body is a sophisticaed sysetm of electro-magnetic waves, impulses and frequencies that once harnessed can literally save the world and everyone in it!

Let us invoke the right of free will and gather as a global team to send waves of balance, love and peace to all beings. We can be extremely, astoundingly effective in assisting Mother Earth to restore primal balance when we use the principles that natives have been using for thousands of years. These are the rain dances, the medicine wheel ceremonies the calling of the ancestors, animal spirits, mountain spirits and our galactic brothers and sister, to work together in unision with the consciousness of Mother Earth. We are all One.

The principles of biorelativity have gathered this ancient tribal human to planet wisdom. Biorelativity processes are introduced and used in the Tribal-Galactic Mother Earth ceremonies. Mother Earth has been patient with humanity and is a vast source of support, abundance and wisdom, let us join together in supporting her, talking with her and adding our part to planetary ascension.



Sample the Ceremony from February, 2017!! Click below:


Biorelativity is a process of communicating with the consciousness of Mother Earth in order to restore balance. The information was brought into this world by David K. Miller in collaboration with the Arcturians. Get the book here!

Group of Forty 

This is a Group of Forty event. For over 20 years thousands of dedicated Group of Forty (GOF) members worldwide have been meditating to raise the frequency on Planet Earth. GOF members are stewards of this planet and consciously work with Ascended Galactic Masters as a way to bring 5D energies into Mother Earth. The group was founded by channel David K. Miller who is dedicated to the ascencion of Mother Earth and humanity. This event is free to all who wish to be of assistance with the upliftment of Mother Earth and all of her beings. We love you all! Alessandra Gilioli has been a Group of Forty member for over 12 years and is a Biorelativity team leader.  Find out more here.


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