Sisters of Venus

Date: 1st Friday of the Month
Time: 7pm-9:30 pm CST
Location: 3553 W. Peterson Avenue. Chicago, IL USA
 ‘International Peacehood Society of Cosmic Awareness’
In Person: $11

Embodying Divine Beauty & Grace: January, 2017

(Click below for audio transimssion)

Aim of Sisters of Venus                                                                                                                                    Sisters of Venus was formed in order to anchor in a physical presence on Mother Earth the energies of the Cosmic Feminine. Mother Earth is in need of an infusion of the Feminine Energy in order to restore balance, love, peace and harmony to all beings. This is an intimate group of people who are seeking to reconnect with the primal, wild, instinctual nature of the Feminine. This include profound personal and planetary healing. Sisters of Venus is a living transmission of all timelines from all civilizations, this is a rekindling of the Ancient Mystery Schools and tribal nations brought together in the here and now: updating our divine blue print to be in synchronicity with the Cosmic Center. Aho!

Upgrading LightBody Templates                                                                                                                                           Alessandra channels Divine Mother Isis, the Galactic Kachina, White Buffalo Calf woman and others. This is a part lecture, part energy healing event. Participants are in a state of receiving energy healing, meditation and shamanic journeying. Godess Isis weaves new DNA energy codes within our templates. Each transmission is entirely new and different from the previous. Goddess Isis transmits frequencies from Venus, Sirius and the Central Sun she works with the Devic kingdom and with planetary consciousness. There is a question and answer portion at the end.


I just want to thank you for the sisters of Isis meeting last Friday. I enjoyed it very much and felt quite good for a couple of days afterward. I also feel more awake and somehow more advanced on my path already! ~ L  in USA


Thank you so much for this broadcast, Alessandra! You’re doing an amazing job! Blessings for your ability to contact higher forms of energy and sharing this with us. With love and gratitude! ~M in Poland


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