Galactic Shamanic Journeys

Travel to sacred sites from you couch!

I am launching the Galactic Shamanic Journeys. Webinar event. And in person Chicago events. When I was at the galactic portal of Lake Atitlan… the Antarians suggested I take people to sacred sites NOW. I started frowning and thinking of all the planning it takes to take people to sacred sites. Uralali the Antarian gently whispered to me ‘take them now. You are multidimensional humans are you not? Then go now. You can all go ethericaly. You have the capabilities and the time is now.’

‘Allow people to access their innate ability to astrally travel to sacred sites. All you need to do is set the intention, trust your Higher Selves and go. In group formation you shall feel more comfortable and we shall envelope you with the guiding lights you seek. We are wishing for you all to go access these sacred sites now. For many of you have been there eons ago and many of you are needed there now. In physical, in astral and in cohesion with your  multidimensional galactic higher selves. Mother Eart is asking that she become one again with he star brothers and sisters. You are conduits to the stars and you are needed, starseedling humans, to take humanity back home.’

And so the journey begins!

Let us pick up galactic codes, travel astrally to sacred sites, charge them up, recharge ourselves and assist humanity in recalling its true ancient historic past… as we blast ever more forth into our ost unprecedented future!

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