Holographic Human Workshop

Saturday, November 7th 10am-6pm

Center of Light, 8123 E. 48th St., Tulsa, OK


Alessandra Gilioli Galactic Crystal Healing Workshop Neurophysiologist Hugo Zuccarelli finds our brain to be holographic. Quantum physicist David Bohm theorizes the Universe to be holographic.

The key to the Universe is in our brain!

Let us unlock our multidimensional self through the portal of our holographic brain. What does sound have to do with getting clairvoyant visions? What does toning have to do with accessing theta brain waves and higher states of consciousness? Come to this workshop and experience firsthand the mysteries of your mind and your place in the Universe!

In this workshop you will:

Holographic Brain: Specific tools to enhance your 3rd eye skills. Use cutting-edge techniques to activate aspects of your brain for greater clarity & visions. Experience holophonic sound with alchemical crystal singing bowl.

Ascension & Cosmic Spirituality:  Soul retrieval of past-lives & Higher Self. Understand Cosmic Karmic blocks. Learn how to unlock your soul talents & access greater personal power for ultimate manifestation!!

Raise Your Vibration: Increase stamina & recharge with auric filter techniques & emotion regulation. Daily tools to take you to the next level!

Register Now!

Only $111.00       (cash accepted *If you would like to pay at the door please contact Birgit. Space is limited.)

Event Information

Event Organizer: Birgit Smothers 918.521.7445 Email: krestini@aol.com

Mareketing Director: Brenda Cole-Gill 918.645.1590     Email: onenesstulsa@gmail.com

Day workshop: Lunch included. Vegetarian opt. available. Location: Center of Light, 8123 E. 48th St., Tulsa, OK 74147

Private Readings Available

Available Sunday, Nov. 8th. Readings can be scheduled prior to the workshop or at the time of the workshop – depending on availablity.

Alessandra Channels Holographicaly

When I channel or tune in to the higher realms I see visions, hear sounds and feel subtle changes within my body and emotional system. At times I channel by typing, by voice, by drawing, doing energy work or galactic light language. Channeling for me is holographic, it means that all communication systems are on and transfering information. All the senses are involved including extra-sensory senses. Most of the time when in channel mode I am aware of being in another realm. In my physical body I am here on Earth but my extended auric field sees and feels myself in one or more realms at once.

These realms are what I call hyper reality, they are more real, more beautiful and luminescent than Earth reality. The colors in these realms are more vibrant, more alive which is why the colors in my art are so loud and different. When accessing the higher realms it is like waking up from a dream and finding that your true waking state is in a place that is more exciting than you imagined. This place, these other dimensions are full of love, warmth expansion and hold keys to our true nature. These keys are then found in mysterious places within our Earthen reality, within inspiring conversations, sacred geometry and sprinkled in Galactic Crystal Healing services!

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