Private Sessions ~ Australia 2018

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Session duration: 1 hour.  Price: $270 AUSD

Soul DNA Star Lineage

  • Root of Blockages and Blind-spots in Your Life
  • Mini Training in How to Work with your Guides
  • Galactic Crystal Energy Healing/Activation
  • Your Soul Gifts will be Revealed
  • Know Your Soul Star Lineage
  • Who is Your Guide?

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Root of Blockages and Blindspots in Your Life

Alessandra receives visions from her Galactic Masters and they will tell you what is the past life issue from Earth or other planets and assist you in harmonizing and integrating it. This past life will explain subconscious blockages in your psyche. This is often achieved in a 4 hour regression-hypnotherapy session… but Alessandra can access this for you within minutes!

 Galactic Crystal Energy Healing/Activation

Antarian Galactic Etheric crystals will be downloaded in you energy field to upgrade your light body templates. So you have access to a greater reality, achieve accelerated healing and manifestation.

 Your Soul Gifts will be Revealed

The Galactic Masters will inform you of what gifts your soul has mastered over thousands of lives on Earth and other planets. These soul talents are part of what makes you special and are also part of your current life soul mission.

Soul Star Lineage

The Universe and Universes are a very large place! As an eternal soul you have been to many places. Where are you from? Alessandra and her Galactic Masters will let you know what your Soul Star Lineage is.. are you from Antares, Andromeda, Pleiades? Each place has a magical history and power. Find out what your secret soul identity is!

Mini Training in How to Access your Guides

You will receive special instructions on how to access your guides. Tools channeled just for you.

Who is Your Guide

You have from 3-8 guides with you. Wouldn’t you like to know who they are? As you evolve as a spiritual human being you also get new guides in addition to your current ones.  Discover your spirit family!

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