Galactic Shamanism Training Alessandra Gilioli Galactic Crystal Healing

Galactic Shamanism-Level 1


4 one hour classes via Skype.

Individualized, tailored to your needs, abilities & level. Activations, boosters & channeled messages to enhance your learning. Includes an experiential galactic shamanic journey in each class. Your galactic and totem guides are channeled to initiate you into your unique shamanic path. 4 class cycle is recommended to build momentum, complete a cycle and move into channeling on your own! Sessions are: 1 hour each, on the phone/skype.

Product Description

Expand your ability of being a fully fledged galactic super human by taking channeling classes. Discover abilities you always had by cultivating them into full bloom! We are needed at this time to step into our power, our own divinity, for ourselves & the rest of humanity.




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