SISTERS of Ancient Egyptian Goddess


This is a global LIVE TRANSMISSION! Join SISTERS of Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis from around the world!  Call in and join the group shamanic journey. Alessandra Gilioli will be channeling Divine Mother Isis with new information on:

  • How to maintain our Lightbodies
  • Awaken the serpentine wild woman codes
  • Activate the Ancient Mystery schools knowledge within
  • Call to the Tribal Wisdom of the ancients
  • Integration of our Primal Feminine power

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**Access code sent via email after purchase**

You will receive:

  1. A phone number to call in from your country.
  2. The participant access code.
  3. Access to the playback recording.

SISTERS of Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis is:

  • A 45-60 min channeled energy-healing-activation!
  • Global group event.
  • A call to all Temple Sisters from all times!
  • MEETING TIMES-1st Friday each month. 7pm CST.
  • Different access code per month.



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