Soul DNA Reading

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Unlock your hidden potential!  Knowing more about the root cause of fears, hesitations & unseen blockages gives you the power to change them. Receive information that will propel your forth on your journey of self discovery!

 A Soul DNA Reading is:

  • 25 min audio mp3 reading emailed
  • A tool to identify your blind-spots
  • Channeled information about your soul path from your guides
  • Advice on how best to proceed with your life
  • Support for transitional times
  • Revelation of your star heritage
  • Uncovers your soul talents
  • Submit 1-3 questions/topics
  • with Galactic Light Language blessings


Wow what a pure gift of heaven! WOW! As I read my reading I feel like I become whole again, like fragments were being returned to me. Everything makes complete sense and I feel like a light bulb has gone off. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, my soul heart! It is time, to stand in our true identity again, for all of us, and it’s full on happening!

C. from Australia

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