Soul Star Lineage session

Spark your new life! Break free from self-doubt, low-energy, blockages, old programming & core belief structures. Be energizing by discovering more about your true identity as an expanded human! See your guides! As you work more closely with your guides you enhance your intuitive, empathic and 5D abilities, growing stronger, more self-assured and more focused on creating the life you always wanted.

Book your “SOUL STAR LINEAGE session” now! $133Soul Star Lineage session Alessandra Gilioli Galactic Crystal Healing

A Soul Star Lineage session is:

  • Connection to your spirit guides, angels, Ascended & Galactic Masters
  • 60 min skype session
  • Channeled message & energy transmission from your guides
  • Galactic Light Language blessings
  • Revelation of your star heritage
  • Activates your 3rd eye via holographic healing
  • Sacred Geometry encodements link you to 5D frequencies
  • Launches your forward on your spiritual path & purpose on Earth Mother
  • Mp3 audio recording of the session with infused with Galactic Crystal energy high. Your own specialized tool audio guided meditation for you to re-access 5D space!


Wow! Just wow. There are just so many synchs and knowings … It really all is coming together, and I can’t believe how your channeled message has in one fell swoop taken everything I have progressed to and multiplied it. Thank you so very much, I am so empowered by this work you share. The channeled message was amazing and I can’t help but read it over and over as I integrate the energies. SO AMAZING!!! To date, this has been the most revealing and personal experience I have had! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world! I am excited

L. from USA


Usually a star lineage or two will come up, such as Pleiadians or Arcrturians and more. These are your guides, brothers, sisters and also aspects of you to assist you in your unfolding your incredible powers and in accessing your highest potential. I work with star beings; Arcturian, Pleiadian, Antarian, Inner Earth, Ascended Masters like Isis, Legions of Angels like AA Metatron, Ashtars Command, the Galactic Federation, Crystal Beings and more! The reading is also an energy healing and an activation and a link to the highest realms and to your soul gifts. This will allow you to link even more, on your own to your special talents and enhance your healing work of self others and the planet. Feel free to ask me any questions!

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