Audio Activations



7D Andromeda Council Activation

Need help retaining these intense energies? Assimilate energy from the galactic core with this light language guided meditaion. Link with 7D Andromeda!


Chakra Balancing Galactic Kachina Alignment

Expand your consciousness by connecting with the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Get greater clarity and connect with your parallel aspects.


Stay tuned for more exciting activations!!!

To come:

  • Antarian Temple of Artemeeshia Soul Retrieval~ claiming your multidimensional powers
  • Morning Metatron~ Activating energy cocoon of golden light sacred geometry codes
  • Pleiadian Lightgrid Installation for Homespace Powerhousing
  • Hathor Sound Toning for emotion regulation
  • Ashtar Commands shows Your Personal Starcraft for intense light body activation
  • Journey to Well of Souls for deep reconection with your Soul Star Family
  • Grounding Inner Earth Secret Cave for a reconnection with the perfected human self
  • Ascension Activation 101 to anchor 5D freqencies within your body & to manifest your dreams in 3D

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