Tokyo, JAPAN December 2017 Workshops


Workshop 1: Saturday December 9th

Title: Arcturians: Expanded Consciousness

  • Artificial Intelligence & Spirituality
  • Evolution of humanity
  • Expanded consciousness
  • Structure of our thoughts
  • How to de-program old belief systems
  • Understanding our Mind-field
  • Understanding Unity Consciousness
  • Linking to Multidimensional-Selves
  • How technology affects consciousness
  • Galactic Shamanic journey to a 5D Starship!


If you want cutting edge spiritual technology then come to this workshop! The Arcturians are the master healers of the galaxy. We humans are on the brink of a great step into our evolution of consciousness. The Arcturians are coming to us now through our dreamtime, and through altered brain states to teach us how to access our greater human potential. Whether you are a healer or a person who wants to explore the outer edges of human possibility this is the workshop to take you over the brink of your brilliance!

“Nuam Ark” the Arcturian Star Commander will take you on a thrilling galactic shamanic journey to her fifth dimensional star ship. Here you will learn how to access specific healing codes and you will learn how to take your clients. This modality accelerates all kinds of healing and allows you explore more. Here you can get stronger access and connection with your guides, angels and ascended masters.

Goal of the Workshop

What is the root of your blocks in life? What issues are holding your clients back from being happy and fulfilled? Mind programs! In this current busy life we are living in a pool of many people’s thought-fields including our own. How many of these thoughts are positive mind-maps? The Arcturians are galactic professionals who train us in how to maximize our own brain power. In order, to do that we are to learn how to de-program ourselves from cultural constraints. “Nuam Ark” will show us easy-to-use tools to break old mind programs and create new mind-maps that support a greater way of living. Learn meditation techniques that support the creation of new neural mapping in your brain. Literally create new pathways of light in your brain, supporting higher consciousness!


 This is a Certificate Training!

 You Will be Trained to:

  1. Form a connection with the Arcturian Galactic Master Guide called Nuam-Ark
  2. How to use Nuam-Ark’s Arcturian healing tools for the accelerated healing of clients
  3. Take people to Nuam Ark’s 5D Arcturian Starship
  4. Arcturian tools to enhance telepathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient abilities
  5. How to work with Arcturian 5D healing chambers
  6. Continue developing this work on your own


Workshop 2: Sunday December 10

Title: Antarians: Cosmic Soul Cycles

  • Cosmic Soul Cycles
  • Sacred Geometry in our light-bodies
  • New Ascension codes
  • Remembering lost galactic-human history
  • How to become more pure & clear
  • Inner Child and the Galactic Self
  • Shedding layers from past lives on other planets
  • Higher dimensional soul cycles & Earth cycles
  • New personal power discovered in vulnerability
  • Galactic Shamanic Journey to the 6D  Antarian Temple of Artemiscia

Outline :

You are emerging as the new human! This means that you and your clients are preparing to end a great soul cycle. The Antarians are here to assist you in your new birthing. You are completing a very large, and long cosmic soul cycle. True human history has been lost and suppressed for a very long time. This workshop is about unveiling the true lost history of humanity and the true identity of your soul. As an ancient being you are now in process of reclaiming your power, your purity and your divinity.  In order to move forward you need to get to the root of your soul essence in relationship to your Earth life cycles. The Antarians are here to support you in this transformation!

The pathway of the Inner Child is the doorway out into a greater soul cycle. This means that you are to learn how to purify your heart, your emotions and thoughts from all lives on Earth and other 3D planets. The Antarian Uralali is here to introduce to you profound ways to dive into your Inner Child’s pure light. Your life and your client’s life can be filled with thrilling and exhilarating new experiences. The Temple of Artemiscia is about releasing deep pains from old cosmic cycles in order to pave way for the new higher cycle you are preparing for.

Goal of this workshop:

Access your powers and talents from previous soul cycles so that you can experience telepathy, clairaudience, clairsentience and more super-powers in your life now! The Antarians are helping us shift out of the warrior-archetype and into the sense of adventure of the prodigious child of the Universe! Bring unexpected joy, lightness and divine light into your life now!

This is a Certificate Training!

 You Will be Trained to:

  1. Form a connection with the Antarian Galactic Master Guide called Uralali
  2. How to use Uralali’s Antarian ascension healing tools for clients
  3. How to work with the Inner Child archetype for deeper levels of purity
  4. Take people to Uralali’s 6D Antarian Temple of healing Cosmic Soul Cycles
  5. How to work with Antarian gateway technologies for profound soul work
  6. Continue developing this work on your


Workshop 3: Saturday December 16

Title: Lady Venus: Galactic Heart Expansion

  • Galactic Shamanic journey 6D Pink Lotus Temple in Venus!
  • Anchoring in a pure heart
  • Opening the Galactic Higher Heart chakra
  • Japan is a puzzle piece to humanity’s evolution
  • Uncovering lost ancient history of galactic human DNA
  • Experience the elemental & crystal kingdoms
  • Understanding the importance of Inner Earth

Outline :

Japan is the nexus point of human evolution! New portals are opening in the gateways of the Universe. And new energy is finally now available to stream back to Earth. Energy transmissions from Venus are now able to reach Japan and planet Earth again. Once long ago Venusian beings came to assist the transformation of this planet and they came to Japan. Japan is now opening its doorways again to this phenomenal Venus energy. You are needed now to anchor these new frequencies of light!

If you are reading these words you are hearing our call and we would be honored to work with you in anchoring in this new chapter in human history. Lady Venus is here to bring us an awareness of who we are and who we are becoming. You will be trained in how to assist your clients into birthing this new Human. There are new pathways opening in our meridian system and one of these is the thymus higher heart chakra. This is related to opening up our organic centers to the greater galaxy as a whole. We need to be trained on how to work with these new intense energies and how told be able to hold and sustain higher energies in order to bring peace and love to a new world.

Goal of Workshop

This workshop is for healers and clients who have the pure intent or inclination to be of service to humanity and Mother Earth. Here is the call for planetary healers to come back into working together with the consciousness of Mother Earth. The elemental and crystal kingdoms are on Venus and Earth and are part of the greater abilities and secrets of the human being. Lady Venus will lead us in activations directly from the center core of Venus in the Temple of the Pink Lotus bud.

 This is a Certificate Training!

 You Will be Trained to:

  1. Form a connection with the Galactic Master Guide called Lady Venus
  2. How to use Lady Venus’s healing tools for the accelerated healing of clients
  3. Lead planetary healer Mother Earth ceremonies
  4. Take people to Lady Venus’s 6D Pink Lotus Temple
  5. How to work with the elemental & crystal kingdoms in Inner Earth & Venus
  6. Continue developing this work on your own

Things to bring this day:

Wear comfortable clothes and bottled water. Bring clear quartz crystals to wear of in your pockets to enhance your psychic experience. The crystals that you bring will be encoded and will be receiving and holding for your Lady Venus 6D activations. Note pad to take notes.


Workshop 4: Sunday December 17

Title: Andromedans: Evolution of Our Galaxy Evolution of Us

  • Galactic Shamanic journey to 7 D Andromedan crystal gardens
  • Shifting into higher consciousness
  • Unifying all Star Nations
  • Integrating Multidimensional Aspects
  • Becoming a Galactic Healer
  • Evolution of our Galaxy
  • Consciousness of planets
  • Father-Priest archetypal healing system

Outline :

As a master healer you are always growing and expanding in your abilities to heal others and teach others. Even if you are just beginning to be a healer and teacher you are here to be a resource to many people on the topics of galactic healing, planetary healing and the evolution of all beings. There are many beings in this and other galaxies. There are ascended masters, galactic master guides, crystal beings, totem animal spirits, archangels and many more beings.  Human souls come from many of these kingdoms. We are here gathering resources and information of our parallel selves and multidimensional selves so that we may go back into being the Greater Soul Beings that we are.

The Andromedan Master Ossaion is here to be the father organizer of all of these frequencies, guides, masters and galaxies that we are gathering together within ourselves, our clients, our planet and our galaxy. This workshop is about gathering the rich and varied resources, abilities talents and gifts that we all have and to bring them together as one Cosmic Team. This is the ultimate workshop for the gathering of the Multi-Dimensional Self.

Our galaxy is evolving and we are assisting her in this new consciousness birthing. We are being gathered together as planetary healers and healers of this galaxy. We are here to unify all of our individual strengths. In order to do this we must bring in the power and organization of the Father archetype. This workshop is for healers and clients who are ready to mature from child hood issues, adult abuse and other deep pain blocks that have been holding them back. This is the birthing of the responsible, authoritarian self. Ossaion from Andromeda brings in the force of the healing father, the organizing force of one-ness, no judgement, all compassion and understanding for the ultimate healing. Ossaion brings in the healing of the balanced, giving, authorative kind Male energy that is required at this time on planet Earth.

 This is a Certificate Training!

 You Will be Trained to:

  1. Form a connection with the Andromedan Galactic Master Guide called Ossaion
  2. How to use Ossaion’s healing tools for personal and planetary healing
  3. Take people to Ossaion’s 7D Andromedan Crystal Gardens
  4. How to work with the Divine Masculine Father archetype
  5. How to work with Andromedan 7D healing chambers
  6. Continue developing this work on your own


Things to bring this day:

Wear comfortable clothes and bottled water. Bring clear quartz crystals to wear of in your pockets to enhance your psychic experience. The crystals that you bring will be encoded and will be receiving and holding for your the7D Andromedan activation. Note pad to take notes.











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