Sydney, Australia: Saturday January 20th at 11am

USA: Friday Januray 19th at 6pm CST


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United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
Access Code: 279-303-837
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2018 comes to us with new portals of opportunities.

As wayshowers of humanity we are at the forefront of these grandscale changes. The Whale Grandmothers are here now after eons of asbence. They are called to our light as they are seeing that with us, and through us, we can work together to reweave this New World.

What is it that you need, Great Master, that the Whales are here to offer you? Grounding, anchoring within our physical body, meridians, lymph nodes, glands, cell membranes. We are in process of birthing a new us and together with the Whale Mother we can make a grand entrance.

Here we are 2018!



Sydney, Australia: Sunday Oct. 15 at 8-9am

USA: Saturday October 14th at 4-5pm CST

TRAVEL TO THE GALACTIC PORTAL ULURU, AUSTRALIA. Pick up codes from the consciousness grids guarded by Uluru. Learn how the Antarians are linked with Uluru. Uncover ancient information now ready to be released!

Sit on your couch and come with me to Sacred Sites. You get to travel to sacred sites without the hastle of 3D travel! My Antarian guide Uralali gave me this idea when I was at an ancient galactic Mayan portal, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

We, the starseeds, have volunteered to come to the Earth at this time in order to be stewards and harbor in this new light. Earth is coming back online. This means that Earth is switching on specific Ancient Codes and turning on certain light grids around all of the Earth that will allow her to become back into her Galactic Citizenry. This means that certain starseeds, like us, will be gravitate towards specific places of the Earth, either to visit astrally or to visit by thoughts and thinking or to visit physically to the special locations where they can  pick up galactic codes and  help harbor the mission and meaning that these codes are bringing in.

This is a collective venture. This is a team venture. We are all in this together, of course. Everybody is playing different specific roles, some people sharing roles with others and team players. These are special galactic times to be on Earth, as again Earth is coming back online!

“I feel very priviliged to have been there yesterday. The energy was incredibly strong and I felt alot of movement in and around my body.” ~ C in Netherlands

“As of today new light language dialects have also activated!
I saw a gold platform anchor at Uluru as well as a cosmic download
which felt like pure angelic codes returned – blue and silver/white
above the sandwich when we stepped up I connected into  a pink
field” ~ J in Canada



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