World Workshops

2018 Workshops

Sydney, Australia. March 10 & 11. Galactic Human.

Tokyo, Japan. May- June.


2017 Workshops

Tokyo, Japan 2017. Galactic DNA.


Awaken Cosmic Codes, Tokyo, Japan May 2017

USA, Chicago. March 15. ARCTURIANS on Manifestation.

JAPAN, Tokyo.  May 27-8. UPGRADE Your Light-body: Awakening Cosmic Codes.

JAPAN, Tokyo.  June 3-4. GALACTIC Soul DNA: Know Your Secret Soul Identity

USA, Laguna Beach, CA.  November. STAR KNOWLEDGE Conference.

JAPAN, Tokyo. December 9. Arcturians: Expanded Consciousness.

JAPAN, Tokyo. December 10. Antarians: Cosmic Soul Cycles.

JAPAN, Tokyo. December 16. Lady Venus: Galactic Higher Heart.

JAPAN, Tokyo. December 17. Andromedans:  Evolution of Our Galaxy.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016

São Paulo, Brazil

April 9 & 10

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

April 16 & 17

Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

April 30 & May 1

Chicago, IL USA

Commercial interruption form the fairies!

May 7 & 8


Medicine Wheel Ceremony. Tulsa, Oklahoma 2016. Holographic Consciousness Workshop.

2015 Workshops

City: Chicago, IL USA

Location: SoderWorld Wellness Academy & Spa

Date: November, 2015

Event:Holographic Brain


City: Tulsa, OK USA

Location: Center of Light

Date: November, 2015

Event: Holographic Human


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